About Stadter and Prelinger Psychotherapy Consultation

Jane Prelinger, MSW, LICSW offers individual and couple psychotherapy

Jane Prelinger, MSW, LICSW

Jane Prelinger is a psychotherapist in private practice in Washington, DC offering individual and couple psychotherapy and clinical supervision. She works primarily with adults and couples who struggle with relationship issues, challenges to self-esteem, trauma, infidelity, anxiety and depression, and physical illness. She is on the faculty of the Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis, the International Psychotherapy Institute and of the Washington School of Psychiatry. Formerly, she was Director of the Washington School of Psychiatry Treatment Centers.

She also has a special interest in the effects of social isolation in an increasingly isolating culture, what constitutes a meaningful life for a particular person, and anxiety around death and dying. Jane’s stance is mainly psychodynamic and existential, but she tailors her approach according to the best interests of her clients. . . .Read More

Michael Stadter, PhD offers long-term or brief psychotherapy

Michael Stadter, Ph.D.

Michael Stadter is a clinical psychologist in private practice in Bethesda. His practice includes long-term and brief psychotherapy, clinical supervision and organizational consultation. He is a founding faculty member and board member of the International Psychotherapy Institute and a faculty member at the Washington School of Psychiatry. Formerly at American University, he was Director of the University Counseling Center and Psychologist-in-Residence in the Department of Psychology.

Dr. Stadter is the author of a number of publications including the books, Presence and the Present: Relationship and Time in Contemporary Psychodynamic Therapy (2012), Object Relations Brief Therapy: The Relationship in Short-term Work (1996/2009), Dimensions of Psychotherapy/Dimensions of Experience: Time, Space, Number and State of Mind (2005, co-edited with David Scharff). . . .Read More