Jane Prelinger: Services – Psychotherapy and Clinical Supervision

I offer psychotherapy for individuals and couples, and clinical supervision and consultation for psychotherapists. I value my work with the greater DC community, both in my former role of Director of the Washington School of Psychiatry Treatment Centers, and currently in my full-time private practice. I am committed to the development of fellow psychotherapists, and dedicate a number of practice hours to clinical supervision and consultation. My faculty appointments at the International Psychotherapy Institute and the Washington School of Psychiatry, as well as presentations in the US and abroad allow me to interact with a wider group of colleagues and clients.

My theoretical approach is best described as psychodynamic and existential.

The psychodynamic approach presupposes that the way we feel and act today is shaped by events and relationships in our earlier life, which we may or may not be aware of.

Existential psychotherapy is above all grounded in our awareness of our mortality, and what it means to be human. Existential concerns include freedom, responsibility, aloneness, guilt, and the search for meaning. I find that an awareness of these universal concerns adds depth to our therapy, and to our

My style is participatory and collaborative. I strongly believe that our working relationship is paramount. The process of psychotherapy can be invigorating and deeply challenging, and is a journey that we will take together.

Psychotherapy with an individual client:

It can feel scary or intimidating to start the process of psychotherapy, and we will work together to create a safe and consistent space to explore the issues that bring you to my office. My approach is open-ended; as we go along we will decide together what is the most helpful duration of our work. There is no one answer to this, just like there is no one sort of client. Of course my experience will inform my thoughts about what approach will be most helpful for you.

Psychotherapy with a couple:

Couples come to me for a wide variety of reasons. Couples who come for help are married and unmarried, gay or straight. Some are struggling with an affair or the aftermath of an affair. A couple might have issues around personal or sexual intimacy. Couples come with parenting concerns, difficulty with the decision about whether to have children, or challenges related to infertility. For me the couple is the client; there is no “good” or “bad” member of a couple, only issues to be understood.

Clinical supervision for psychotherapists:

Individual and group supervision and case consultation are an active part of my practice. I currently co-facilitate a clinical and experiential existential therapy consultation group.